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FF4 2021: Winners

Baylor won the National Championship (as FatRoc 5000 said they would) and we have our 8 remaining Fatty Final Four Prize Winners. I’ll send an e-mail to connect the winners with the donators and those winners are:

  1. Winner –  Jefferson Mott – $400 (from Mrs. Stewart)
  2. 2nd Place – Cindy Schluter – $250 (from the Smallhorns)
  3. 3rd Place – Stephen Murray – $200 (from Pat Goggin)
  4. 10th Place – Bill Stubbs – Golf Round at Canoe Brook CC in Summit, NJ (from Stephen Schluter)
  5. 17th Place –  Tim McDougald – $170 (from Phil Schluter and Family)
  6. Kid’s Prize – Hannah Tillier – $100 (from the Motts)
  7. Women’s Prize – Amanda Mott – 1 lb. Box of Lady Godiva Chocolates (from Anita Grashof)

The Cinderella Prize was a tougher nut to crack. Six people had #13 Ohio beating #4 UVA including Amanda Mott, Mrs. Stewart, Susan and Ben Tillier, and Martin Tillier. Four people had #13 N. Texas beating #4 Purdue including Annie Gigliotti and Kevin Volpp.  But two people picked both: Andy Mott and John Morris. So we looked deeper into Andy and John’s picks to break this tie. John also had #11 Syracuse beating #6 San Diego State while Andy had #11 Syracuse beating #6 San Diego State and #10 Rutgers beating #7 Clemson. So, we have our winner…

  1. Cinderella Prize – Andy Mott (w/ #13 Ohio over #4 UVA and #13 N. Texas over #4 Purdue) – Bottle of Wine (from John Gigliotti)

I’ll be in touch soon with our Fundraising Tally.