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FF4 2021: Elite Eight

FF4 Players and Fans:

  1. Michigan – Michigan lost and so did Jennifer Savino, Joe Rhoades, Day Gigliotti, and Harry Pliskin.
  2. Elite Eight – Last night, #2 Gonzaga beat #22 USC and #29 UCLA beat #13 Michigan.
  3. Current Standings – Currently, in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place (based on Maximum Points per Participant) are Jefferson Mott (Baylor), Cindy Schluter (Baylor), and Andrew Fraley (Gonzaga).
  4. Gonzaga – With their win over USC, Gonzaga has now officially surpassed Baylor to become the #1 team in the nation, says FatRoc 5000.
  5. Final Four – The Final Four Games will be played on Saturday, April 3rd, when #2 Baylor plays #56 Houston and #1 Gonzaga plays #29 UCLA.