A Fundraiser for the Richard H. Stewart Jr. Scholarship Fund

Richie Award Winners

For clarity, the Richard H. Stewart, Jr. “Leadership” Award (the Richie Trophy) is not the same as the Richard H. Stewart Jr. Scholarship Fund (the Richie Scholarship).  The Richie Trophy is an honorary award given within the Hapoel Soccer League in Maryland.  The Richard H. Stewart Jr. Scholarship, the reason why we have this fundraiser, is a financial scholarship for a student at The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey.

In 2002, in Silver Spring, Maryland, a suburb of Washington D.C., Hapoel Soccer was founded.  Three years later, in 2005, Hapoel Soccer instated three special awards for the young men and women with the biggest award being the Richard H. Stewart, Jr. “Leadership” Award: an award given to the player who has demonstrated throughout the course of the Hapoel Soccer Season the greatest leadership skills and honor and respect to his fellow players, coaches, referees, and fans.  Over the years, Hapoel Soccer grew from a summer pick-up soccer game to a league with over 500 players with games in three Maryland locations: Silver Spring, Rockville, and Baltimore.  And, while the league changed, the Richie Award did not.  Just short of 20 years later, there is no aspect of Hapoel Soccer that is more revered than the Richie Award.

In 2011, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart came to the Hapoel Soccer End-of-Season Banquet to meet the 2011 Richie Award Winner as well as the numerous Richie Award Winners from previous years who came to meet Mr. and Mrs. Stewart.  These are all the Richie Award Winners.