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Social Networks

Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter and More

Quite possibly, Pair of Shoes Marketing's most critical marketing partners are the social networks that we use. Besides being an invaluable tool to create viral marketing campaigns, our social networks also serve as a critical resource for creating two-way communication and making sure our communications are discussion- and discovery-based. Our social network partners include Facebook, My Space, Twitter, and a spectrum of other social media options.

Social Networks

Search Engines

Google, Yahoo, MSN and More

Pair of Shoes Marketing, using both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-per-Click (PPC) techniques, can help to give your brand and business a stronger online presence. Like every other marketing initiative that we pursue, our ultimate goal is to forge an authentic connection between you and your current and potential customers. Our search engine partners include Google, Yahoo, MSN, and a spectrum of other search engine options.

Social Networks

Other Digital Resources

Affiliate Marketing, e-Mail and More

Besides social media and search engines, Pair of Shoes Marketing uses numerous other digitally based solutions to contact and engage with customers. This includes affiliate marketing services, highly targeted e-mail campaigns, digital ad placements and other digital marketing platforms. Pair of Shoes Marketing leverages numerous other forms of digital media. Pair of Shoes Marketing uses numerous digital marketing platforms to fulfill your unique individual needs.



to monitor and steer progress

While Pair of Shoes Marketing has numerous resources to help forge an authentic relationship between you and your current and potential customers, there may be no other resource more important than our analytical assessment tools. Our assessment tools allow us to monitor and steer the progress and trends within our different initiatives. For obvious, and less obvious, reasons, our assessment tools play a critical role in shaping our day-to-day operations.


Guerilla Marketing

to get the job done

For Profit Marketing frequently uses guerilla marketing strategies. Some marketing issues merit a "by any means necessary" attitude.