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Founder & President

Matt Bernstein

Matt Bernstein is the Founder and President of Pair of Shoes Marketing. Mr. Bernstein has worked in both traditional and new media for the majority of his over twenty year career. After graduating from Skidmore College, Mr. Bernstein worked for five years at Ziff-Davis Publishing. This included working within the editorial department of PC Magazine and the advertising department of eWeek. After Ziff-Davis, Mr. Bernstein attended the NYU Stern School of Business. While at business school, Mr. Bernstein launched The 94 Cup Daily: a national newspaper with a daily circulation of 250,000 dedicated to the 1994 World Cup of Soccer that grossed $1.25 million. Upon completion of the World Cup and, by definition, The 94 Cup Daily, Mr. Bernstein continued his studies and graduated from NYUs business school with a degree in marketing. Upon graduation, Mr. Bernstein worked at a management consulting firm called BTS where he managed the Nortel, ABB, Kodak and Motorola accounts. After three years at BTS, Mr. Bernstein returned to his media roots. For more than a decade, Mr. Bernstein has worked within the field of digital marketing and new media. This includes launching numerous websites (including, Planet Oasis, Fundraiser, My Simple and managing the Philip Morris Corporate digital marketing account for Publicis digital marketing firm, Giant Step. When Mr. Bernstein isnt obsessing over your customers, he is obsessing over Know Idea, a not-for-profit education organization. To reach Matt Bernstein, you can e-mail him at matt at