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What We Do

Pair of Shoes Marketing manages your social media effort for you. For all intents and purposes, you are relieved of this responsibility while Pair of Shoes Marketing is accountable for delivering the numerous benefits of social media.


Digital Marketing Plan

Vision, Goals, Strategies & Tactics

A critical aspect of Pair of Shoes Marketing doing great work and maximizing the potential for success is the creation of a Digital Marketing Plan. Our Digital Marketing Plan is the road map for our work. Our Digital Marketing Plan speaks to where we are going as well as when and how we are going to get there. And, most importantly, your Digital Marketing Plan is unique to you and your business and only exists in order to fulfill your unique business needs.

Social Media

Social Media Strategies

Social Networks, Blogs, Micro-Blogs and More

Pair of Shoes Marketing creates Social Networks, Blogs, Micro-Blogs and more in order to attract and engage your key constituencies. (e.g. consumers, clients, customers, employees, investors.) We develop the content (e.g. posts, articles, videos, etc.) to fulfill the unique content needs of your key constituencies in order to maintain the discussions and connection with them. We want to encourage your current and potential consumers, clients, customers, employees and investors to collaborate in shaping and steering your business.


Deliverables and Assessment

Document, Understand and Adjust

Pair of Shoes Marketing uses numerous digital marketing resources and tools to document the successes and not-yet-successes for all our social media efforts. Our goal is to garner concrete, relevant, insightful information from the various constituencies connected to your business. (e.g. consumers, customers, employees, investors.) This tangible knowledge is the foundation for most every action and adjustment to increase your brand equity and business profitability. Much as you will provide relevant content to your key constituencies, we will provide relevant documentation to you.

What We Also Do

Search Engine Marketing

Pair of Shoes Marketing leverages SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques including SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-per-Click) to drive traffic and customers to appropriate web pages and sites.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of numerous digital marketing techniques that Pair of Shoes uses to drive traffic and customers to appropriate web pages and sites..

Web Design & Development

Pair of Shoes Marketing develops websites. Our websites range from a simple one page website to a substantially more complicated corporation intranet that is used to create business efficiencies and more effective internal operations.

Digital Advertisements

Pair of Shoes Marketing creates and manages a wide variety of digital advertising campaigns.

Guerilla Marketing

For Profit Marketing frequently uses guerilla marketing strategies. Some marketing issues merit a "by any means necessary" attitude.