Films and Coronavirus

For decades, people have been creating home theaters. Numerous top films in 2019 were Amazon and/or Netflix films. The line between movies and TV, between movie theaters and home theaters have been blurred. Months ago, I marked on my calendar to see numerous films at the local movie theater. I understand why I cannot see these films at the theater. But if I’m willing to pay the same price that I would’ve paid to see these films in the theater, why aren’t I able to see them from home? Let the movie theaters manage the transactions so they aren’t cut out of the loop. But, for heaven’s sake, why are film lovers unnecessarily being deprived of films? The technology is ready. The consumer mind-set is ready. With the Coronavirus and people not going to movie theaters, the circumstances are ready. So, then, why isn’t this happening?

One thought on “Films and Coronavirus

  1. For what it’s worth, four independent films that, for different reasons, were released to the public despite the Coronavirus barring the films from being distributed in theaters: Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always (Getting good reviews), Invisible Man (Thriller), Onward (Animated), and Emma (Jane Austen).

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