Films and Coronavirus

For decades, people have been creating home theaters. Numerous top films in 2019 were Amazon and/or Netflix films. The line between movies and TV, between movie theaters and home theaters have been blurred. Months ago, I marked on my calendar to see numerous films at the local movie theater. I understand why I cannot see these films at the theater. But if I'm willing to pay the same price that I would've paid to see these films in the theater, why aren't I able to see them from home? Let the movie theaters manage the transactions so they aren't cut out of the loop. But, for heaven's sake, why are film lovers unnecessarily

Best Films of 2018

1 - Free Solo 2 - Vice 3 - The Rider 4 - Leave No Trace 5 - Won't You Be My Neighbor 6 - Beautiful Boy 7 - Boy Erased 8 - Green Book 9 - You Were Never Really Here 10 - Eighth Grade Honorable Mention: Bohemian Rhapsody, Border, Blindspotting, Can You Ever Forgive Me, Searching, Shoplifters.

Best Films of 2017

1 - The Greatest Showman 2 - Lady Bird 3 - The Disaster Artist 4 - Molly's Game 5 - Three Billboards 6 - Maudie 7 - Menashe 8 - Shape of Water 9 - Mudbound 10 - I, Tonya

Best Films of 2016

1 - La La Land 2 - Manchester by the Sea 3 - Moonlight 4 - 20th Century Women 5 - Hacksaw Ridge 6 - Lion 7 - Nocturnal Animals 8 - Edge of Seventeen 9 - Silence 10 - Hunt for Wilderpeople

Best Films of 2015

1 - The Big Short 2 - Anomalisa 3 - Steve Jobs 4 - Spotlight 5 - Love and Mercy 6 - Me and Earl and the Dying Girl 7 - Room 8 - Everest 9 - Inside Out 10 - Ex Machina

Best Films of 2014

1 - Boyhood 2 - Snow Piercer 3 - American Sniper 4 - Bad Words 5 - St. Vincent 6 - Skeleton Twins 7 - The Drop 8 - Whiplash 9 - Birdman 10 - Gone Girl

Best Films of 2013

1 - American Hustle 2 - Enough Said 3 - August: Osage County 4 - The Way Way Back 5 - Her 6 - The Place Beyond the Pines 7 - Blue Jasmine 8 - Dallas Buyers Club 9 - Short Term 12 10 - Don Jon & Afternoon Delight

Best Films

For many years, I never needed to make a Movie Top Ten List because Roger Ebert made it for me.  I did not agree with his Best Films of All-Time because I do not share his appreciation for older films.  But year after year, he'd publish his annual Top Ten List and I knew which films I needed to see.  Then, in April of 2013, Roger Ebert passed.  I did not have a list for 2013.  I looked at teems of movie reviewers and I was unable to find one that shared my tastes.  Losing Roger Ebert was a loss for me on many levels but none more than my loss of my perfect Movie Top Ten List. In 2013, out

“Outside In” Co-Written by and Starring Jay Duplass

I like most everything that Jay Duplass touches (e.g. Transparent) and "Outside In" (on Netflix) is not an exception. Duplass co-wrote the screenplay with Director Lynn Shelton and stars as Chris, a less-than-criminal ex-convict. Per usual, Duplass plays a sensitive, vulnerable role and, per usual, it's pleasurable to spend time with him. Similarly, Edie Falco co-stars with Duplass and is also sensitive, vulnerable, and a pleasure to watch. More than this, the subject matter is interesting and the writing is both thoughtful and engaging. "Outside In" is a legitimately good film.

Joker Director: Todd Phillips

Todd Phillips Early life Phillips was born in Brooklyn, New York City, to a family of Jewish background. He was raised in Huntington, New York, on Long Island. He attended New York University Film School, but dropped out because he could not afford to complete his first film and pay tuition simultaneously. Around that time, he worked at Kim's Video and Music. Phillips appeared as one of the drivers in the first season of the HBO hidden camera docu-series Taxicab Confessions. In a New York Times profile, Phillips said he had gotten in trouble for shoplifting as a young man.  Career Phillip's first documentary film, Hated: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies, centered on the life and death of controversial punk rocker GG Allin, while as a junior at NYU and it went on to become one of the highest grossing student films at