A Social Media Publishing Co.

Brands – Lummys finds Brands that want to engage with highly-targeted audiences. e.g. High school lacrosse fans in Florida.
Publishers – Lummys partners with Social Media Publishers that engage with these highly-targeted audiences.
Content – Lummys creates customized, branded social media content that is distributed via Lummys’ Publishers to these highly-targeted audiences.

That’s what we do. This is a more tangible explanation of How We Work.

How Lummys Benefits Audiences

The mother of a boy’s high school lacrosse player in Ohio is interested in following Ohio Boys HS Lacrosse. Numerous digital publishers, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and other social media assets will fulfill the informational needs of this mother. Lummys creates a network of these digital publishers and social media assets, a veritable digital information mall, to better fulfill the needs of this mother and others who share her informational needs. Besides creating customized, highly-targeted distribution channels, Lummys also creates highly-targeted digital content to highly-targeted audiences. In this case, for this specific, unique audience, Lummys creates Ohio Boys HS Lacrosse content.

How Lummys Benefits Brands

Lummys helps Brands to more authentically engage with and grow their audiences. Lummys does not create advertisements nor does Lummys create sponsored content. Lummys creates customized, highly-targeted, branded social media content that fulfills the unique goals of the relevant Brand. Picture an audience of car buyers watching a James Bond movie where James Bond drives a BMW. If BMW was one of our Brands (which they currently are not), that is what Lummys does for our Brands. Lummys creates highly-targeted social media content that happens to make our Brands look good. 

How Lummys Benefits Publishers

(i) Lummys provides our Publishers and their users with customized, highly-targeted, quality digital content. 
(ii) Lummys grows the user audiences of our Publishers. By providing exposure for the Publishers’ content and leveraging our network of digital publishers and social media assets, Lummys creates VPNs (Vertical Publishing Networks) and provides our Publishers with an increase in digital foot traffic.
(iii) Lummys provides our Publishers with a new source of income. Lummys Brands have a CPC (cost-per-click) arrangement with Lummys. Every time a Publisher’s user clicks on the Lummys content within their Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, or website page, the relevant Publisher gets paid.

How Lummys Benefits Creatives

Lummys provides a forum where Creatives can thrive both creatively and monetarily. Unlike the vast majority of social media content, Lummys Creatives get paid for creating digital content.
If you’re a creative who thinks you may be able to help our Brands and Publishers, please contact us.