Over- and Under-Rated College Football Teams

Based on the FBS Rankings, LSU and OSU are spot on.  Numerous other teams are also ranked relatively accurately.  And numerous other teams are way off.  When we say “way off”, we are not basing this assessment on a team’s theoretical potential or their track record based on previous seasons.  We base our team assessments on Ws and Ls this season.  For example…

Baylor is under-rated by 9.
Beating Kansas State is no reason to hand Baylor a National Title but… Baylor hasn’t lost and their Best Wins are better than a large number of teams.

Alabama is over-rated by 9.
Conversely, Alabama only has one loss and it was to the #1 team in the country but… Their wins are less than impressive.  Beating Texas A&M, Tennessee, and South Carolina teams that are having far-from-stellar seasons should not make you a Top 5 team.

Auburn is under-rated by 7.  Michigan by 7.  Penn State by 6.  Florida by 5.

Utah is over-rated by 9.  Clemson by 6.  Georgia by 6.  Minnesota by 3.  Oklahoma by 3.

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