Monday, March 4, 2024
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Bundesliga of Germany

BUNDESLIGA: Bayern vs. Dortmund

Today, Tuesday, at 12:30 EST, arguably the top two teams in the world play each other: Bayern Munich vs. Dortmund.

BUNDESLIGA: Hertha Berlin vs. Union Berlin (Today, 2:30 PM EST)

Today, at 2:30 PM EST, Bundesliga cross-town rivals, Hertha Berlin and Union Berlin, will play each other.

PRO CLUB: Why is Anyone Discussing Anything Besides The Bundesliga?

Why is anyone discussing anything besides the Bundesliga? There is no quality soccer right now except... The Bundesliga.  This weekend soccer is back.

EURO CLUB: 25 Best Upcoming Bundesliga Games

In the coming two months, there will be 82 Bundesliga games.  These are the Top 25 games in chronological order.  The 9th, 15th, and 18th Best Games will be played this weekend.  Based on...

Bundesliga Returns on May 16

The Bundesliga will return on May 16 amid the coronavirus crisis and the German Football Association (DFL) hope to complete the season by June 30. Germany's government on Wednesday gave the green light for the...

Bundesliga Possibly To Return on May 9

In the latest update, it was revealed football could return to Germany after: 25,000 testing kits, costing £90 each were bought 1,100 players and staff were tested The German government and federal states approved the plan If matches...

EURO CLUB: Werder vs. Hoffenheim

The Bundesliga is "Football As It's Meant To Be" and, in general, the games have been great but Werder vs. Hoffenheim...  was not "Football As It's Meant To Be".