About Us

Matt Bernstein is the Founder and President as well as the central hub of all business operations at Lummys. Mr. Bernstein's entrepreneurial and creative background have been critical in the launch and growth of Lummys. Mr. Bernstein has worked in both traditional and new media for the majority of his twenty-seven year career and is uniquely qualified to lead this unique business.

Our Network of Creatives is composed of uniquely talented individuals from all over the world. Lummys leverages this talent to create professional, smart, quality social media content. Lummys was started to help people from around the world access creative talent. But more importantly, Lummys was created to help creatives around the world to have access to a merit-based market, to engage with other creatives in order to develop better ideas, and, ultimately, to create better quality work for clients.

Great content serves as a magnet to attract and engage your business' target audience. But this is not enough. This content needs to reach the eyes and ears of your business' target audience. Our Circulation Team is responsible for clearly defining your target audience, effectively and efficiently reaching this audience, and, finally, genuinely engaging with this target audience.

By helping businesses reach countless creatives across the globe, by leveraging people that understand your target audience in a deep and authentic manner, we're changing the game for the little guy. Now small-to-medium sized businesses, from one-man shops and individuals to moderate-sized shops anywhere, can tap into a global pool of creatives and managers for their social media needs. Our talent pool will give your social media efforts new ideas, different perspectives, and quality results. Our talent pool will allow you to forge a genuine, real-time relationship with your current and potential customers.