How We Work – An Example

1. Brand

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There’s a brand that wants to engage with a specific, vertical audience. For example, a made-up lacrosse brand called FTX that wants to reach lacrosse people around the globe: players, parents, and fans. Or maybe FTX only wants to engage with lacrosse people in Maryland, the Midwest, or Australia. Lummys can make the Brands’ target audience as horizontal or as vertical as the Brand pleases.

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2. Publishers

In every country, in every region, in every state, there is a glut of lacrosse websites. Lacrosse websites, league websites, team websites, and so many more. And that’s just the websites. There are even more lacrosse Facebook pages and even more lacrosse Twitter feeds. There are a seemingly infinite number of lacrosse Publishers within the digital world. So Lummys creates a lacrosse Vertical Publishing Network (VPN), a network of lacrosse websites and lacrosse social media publishers, to publish Lummys branded digital content.

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3. Content

Lummys’ Creatives create customized, highly-targeted social media content for the relevant Vertical Publishing Network (VPN). For example, Lummys’ Creatives could create a cartoon about a young man in HS named Matis who goes to boarding school, is introduced to lacrosse, and chooses to wear his lacrosse helmet at all times. Within this Matis social media content, Lummys places FTX and the FTX logo into different images and, when appropriate, into the storyline. FTX is not paying for an advertisement nor are they sponsoring this content. FTX is paying for product placement. FTX is the story, not the distraction from the story.

If you’re a creative who thinks you may be able to help our Brands and Publishers, please contact us.

4. Money

If FTX were a real client, a real company, FTX would have a Pay-per-Click (PPC) deal with Lummys. And every time a user would click on the FTX Branded Content, FTX would pay Lummys, for example, $.05. These PPC payments are shared between the relevant Publisher where this Branded Content was clicked, Lummys’ Creatives, and Lummys.

And that’s an example of How Lummys Works.