1. Clients

Lummys Media creates and posts customized Digital Content within our targeted network of websites. For a high-end cigar manufacturer, Lummys Media creates and posts Digital Content about high-end cigars within our network of websites and social media assets for fans of high-end cigars. Content and Distribution that efficiently and effectively grow the revenues and brand equity of our Business Clients.

2. Publishers

Engaging Digital Content is critical for a websites success. This is precisely what Lummys Media provides for our Publishers. Within this Digital Content, subtly, an athlete wears Nike cleats. For this product placement, Nike pays the Publisher (per click) for posting this content on the Publishers' website. Lummys provides Publishers with engaging Digital Content and our Clients pay the Publishers for posting it.

3. Website Users

Website Users want to be informed and entertained. Who provides the information or entertainment is irrelevant. For fashion fans, a Perry Ellis ad is as informative and entertaining as a Vogue article. Engaging Digital Content is not dictated by who created the content but by how effectively the Digital Content caters to the User's needs. Lummys Digital Content explicitly caters to the Website User's needs.

4. Creatives

The Branded Digital Content that Lummys Creatives create is critical to the success of the Lummys Media Network. That our Creatives are thoughtful, interesting, talented industry-experts is not enough. Our Creatives creating highly targeted Digital Content for our highly targeted websites and social media assets that our Website Users engage with intellectually and emotionally is enough.