Hapoel Indoor Soccer

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By Jeff Seidel
January 18, 2006

WJW Sports Correspondent

The Blue beat the Orange, 5-3, in the boys K'tana program (first and second grade). Joshua Strauss scored all five goals while Danny Zweben got all three of the Orange goals.

Akiva Glashofer also had an Orange assist while Noah Green and Jonah Riffkin both played well in the midfield. Cameron Harris-Gallahue and Aaron Weiss helped in the scoring of all five Blue goals.

In the Soccer-cise program for 3- and 4-year-old boys, the Orange team pulled out a 3-1 victory over the Blue. Yoav Cohen led the way by scoring all three Orange goals. Ezra Troy and Joshua Garber added assists.

Noam Roth scored the only Blue goal. Evan Cantio played a strong game for Blue at midfield and on defense.

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