Hapoel Soccer

Hapoel Soccer
By Jeff Seidel
December 9, 2009
Sports Correspondent

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The Hapoel Soccer program held its season-ending awards banquet last Sunday. This program focuses a lot on the concepts of "Play Hard, Play Smart and Be A Mensch." In other words, they're trying to have fun and play the game, but aren't quite training for the World Cup just yet even though they're hoping to help the kids find success on the field. So they give out awards that follow those concepts. For this season, four people received honors based upon what they did.

The Samuel Singer Hasmada Award for the hardest working player went to Ron Heifetz. Jonathan Galitzer earned a Richard H. Stewart, Jr. Kavod Award honor for best leader. Emma Hofman also received the same award.

Coach Felix Kushnir won the Yarden Frankl Coach Award for best coach.

In addition, the Green team from the girls' third-fifth-grade division won the Teshuva Award for most improved team. Here are the members of that group: Daniella Kaufmann, Rachel Lipman, Aviva Broth, Nesiah Ely, Lexi Faleder, Adina Greenspon, Chana Brocha Reingold, Shlomit Bernstein and Estie Cohen.

This 'n' that

... Speaking of Hapoel Soccer, thanks to Matt Bernstein and everyone there for all the info they give us each week on their nice Web site. It takes a lot of time to do what they do -- plus it's good for the kids and parents involved in the league to be able to get information that easily. Mazel tov on another good season and the program's expansion.

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