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By Jeff Seidel
November 9, 2006

WJW Sports Correspondent

The regular season is over, and it's playoff time for the Hapoel soccer program.

The Chatzi boys were the first to start post-season play, and there were three close games last weekend. Teams will be playing two playoff games as part of a round-robin format.

In that opening round, Yerushalayim White and Tsfat Sky Blue battled to a 0-0 tie. Chevron Gold and B'nai Brak Purple both pulled out 2-0 wins in their games. Jeremy Kardon and Jesse Zweben both scored for Chevron Gold in its win over Tiveria Teal. Sammy Mellman added an assist.

Avrohom Mond scored both goals for the Purple team in their win over Netanya Silver.

The regular season ended in the other divisions last week, and here's a look at the champions and those who made up the teams. The regular season went for six weeks, and the playoffs will now follow.

In the G'dola boys division, the regular season title went to Yerushalayim White. Joey Gould, Jonathan Galitzer, Yisroel Mond, Sam Hofman, Izzy Kates, Danny Weiss, Noah Zweben, Avraham Gershon Abrams, Isaac Gould and Noah Rosenfeld were on the team.

Yerushalayim White also came away with the title in the K'tana boys division. That team was made up of Daniel Zweben, Jonah Riffkin, Avraham Gottlieb, Mikhael Hammer-Bleich, Noach Shmuel Solomson, Moshe Chaim Mejeski, Shalom (Shull) Katz, Noah Green, Avi Kavanagh and Avu Shulman.

Tsfat Sky Blue took the regular-season title in the G'dola girls class. That team consists of Bruria Hammer-Bleich, Rivka Malka Swartz, Rachel Black, Tirtze Cohen, Sarah McNally, Sara Miriam Sukol, Chana Baras, Talia Gross, Sara Shulman and Tzippy Goldstein.

The K'tana girls division saw Tsfat Sky Blue take that title. That team is made up of Shana Lowenstein, Sharona Guggenheim, Talya Miller, Hadassah Raskas, Elyana Schwartz, Avigail Orlofsky, Eliana Tuchman and Yardena Sultan-Reisler.

And for some other news and notes, Emma Hofman and Eliana Tuchman closed the regular season by becoming the all-time leading goal scorers and point-scorers in K'tana girls soccer history. Hofman holds the record for most goals in a season with 14 while Tuchman was right behind her with 13.

Tuchman also set the mark for most points in a season with 29 (she finished with 14 goals and one assist) while Tuchman also had an assist to finish with 27 points (13 goals and one assist).

Danielle Galitzer (Tiveria Teal) and Hadasa Solomson (Yerushalayim White) also fared well. Galitzer ended with seven goals and three assists for 17 points while Solomson's six goals and one assist gave her a total of 13 points.

In the K'tana boys division, Daniel Zweben set a total of four records this season. Last weekend, he scored three goals to finish two of his marks most goals (21) and most points (42).

Also, a change from last week's notes. Incorrect information was given, and Chana Bass was not recognized for a goal she scored.

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