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Contest Day
By Jeff Seidel
May 15, 2008
Sports Correspondent

Hapoel Sports participated in a day of sports competition on Sunday at Layhill Village Park in Silver Spring. There were Major League Baseball and USA Junior Olympic sports competitions. Sports involved were baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball and track and field.

The MLB Pitch, Hit and Run competition produced Coby Melkin (7-8), Ari Levisohn (9-10), Binyomin Edelstein (11-12) and Adina Wakschlag (13-14) as overall winners in their age divisions.

Also, Melkin won both the run and hit parts of the competition in his age group. Levisohn also won twice in his group (run and pitch), but Gil Melkin took the hit division.

Edelstein took the run and hit parts of his division with Yoni Jaffe grabbing the pitch competition. Wakschlag won all three parts in the 13-14 division.

Gil and Coby Melkin, Jaffe, Levisohn, Edelstein and Wakschlag all are advancing to the regional competition, date and time as yet unknown.

Here are the winners in the Junior Olympics competition.

In soccer, Danny Zweben (8-9), Binyamin Edelstein (10-11), Yonatan Abrams (12-13) and Nesiah Ely (girls 8-9) came out on top.

Basketball saw Zweben and Mory Gould win the 8-9 division with Yaakov Fink (10-11), Abrams (12-13) and Ely (girls 8-9) also victorious.

In track and field, Gould (8-9), Edelstein (10-11), Abrams (12-13), Ely (girls 8-9) and Elianna Weissman (girls 10-11) won their divisions.

Tennis had Bennett Bramson winning the 8-9 division while Edelstein (10-11) and Aharon Komarow (12-13) also were champions.

These children will be going to the regional Junior Olympics in their respective sports on Sunday, June 15, again at Layhill Village Park.



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