Hapoel Soccer

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Hapoel Soccer
By Jeff Seidel
May 8, 2008
Sports Correspondent

There will be more information next week on the final week of Hapoel's regular season, but here's a look at the league's leading scorers.

In the girls' kindergarten-first grade division, Rayna Armon and Ella Gantman were tied for the lead with 14 goals and 28 points.

Nesiah Ely topped the second-third grade division with 11 goals for 22 points.

In the fifth-sixth grade division, Emma Hofman paced everyone with five goals and one assist for 11 points.

On the boys' side, Jake Ely topped the kindergarten-first grade division with 12 goals and one assist for 25 points.

Elijah Zack had the highest numbers for any division with 23 goals and one assist for 47 points in the second-third grade group.

The fourth-sixth grade division was led by Yonaton Abrams, who had 15 goals and one assist for 31 points.


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