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By Jeff Seidel
September 13, 2006

WJW Sports Correspondent

Hapoel Soccer began its outdoor season last week, and the teams moved on to play their second games last weekend. Here's a look at what's happened so far.

The boys' sixth-eighth grade group featured two close games last weekend. Jason Kardon scored twice to give Yerushalayim Kelly a 2-1 victory over Tsfat Orange. Menachem Shem Tov got the only goal for the Orange team.

Jonathan Galizter scored the game-winning goal in Tiveria Sky Blue's 1-0 victory over Chevron Scarlet. Max Byer got the assist.

In the fourth-fifth grade division, Jacob Mellman scored three goals and Gil Melkin added one more to help Yerushalayim Kelly to a 4-1 victory over B'nai Brak Yellow.

Jeremy Kardon got the lone Kelly goal. Jesse Zweben had an assist for the winners.

Yoshie Tanenbaum had three goals and an assist as Tiveria Sky Blue rolled to a 5-1 victory over Chevron Scarlet. Yonah Soskin added two goals and an assist. Yosef Eisenstadt also had an assist.

Duvie Bergman scored the lone Scarlet goal.

Binyamin Edelstein had two goals and an assist while teammate Yonatan Abrams added two goals to help Netanya Royal to a 4-2 victory over Tsfat Orange.

Yaakov Singer scored the two Orange goals.

Tiveria Sky Blue edged Chevron Scarlet, 3-2, in a second-third division game. Yehuda Edelstein led the winners with two goals while Moshe Greenspon got the other. Jacob Black and Sam Friedman each added assists.

Ben Rosenberg scored both Scarlet goals.

Nadiv Panitch's three-goal effort sparked Netanya Royal to a 7-2 victory over Tsfat Orange. Simon Schoen added two goals while Eli Shem Tov and Chaim Hes both scored once.

Evan Goldman led Orange with a goal and an assist. Joshua Straus also scored a goal while Mikhael Hammer-Bleich and Eli Feldman both had assists.

Tani Makovsky's hat trick helped B'nai Brak Yellow to a 4-3 victory over Yerushalayim Kelly. Daniel Schopf added a goal and an assist in the win.

Quin Spey led Kelly with two goals while Jacob Myers helped with a goal and an assist. Daniel Zweben added an assist.

Mattie Swire's four goals helped Chevron Scarlet to a 7-2 victory over Tiveria Sky Blue in a kindergarten-first grade game. Binyomin Feldman added three goals.

Avi Majeski and Chaim Singer each scored once for Scarlet, who also got a two-assist performance from Moshe Chaim Majeski.

Joshua Myers and Matan Rosenfeld each scored twice in Yerushalayim Kelly's 4-1 victory over Tsfat Orange. Ruven Kotz got the lone Orange goal.

Adina Wakschlag and Ateret Sultan-Reisler both scored twice to help Tiveria Sky Blue/Chevron Lime to a 4-2 win over Tsfat Orange/Yerushalayim Kelly in a girls' sixth-eight grade game.

Hannah Lombardo and Shira Kotz each scored once in a losing effort.

Chevron Yellow and Tiveria Sky Blue battled to a 2-2 tie in a third-fifth grade game. Danielle Galitzer scored twice for Yellow while Eleanna Weissman got one for Sky Blue which also got an own goal.

Tsfat Orange used goals from Falicia Elenberg and Sarah Miriam Sukol to pull out a 2-1 decision over Yerushalayim Kelly. Rena Shulman got the lone Kelly goal.

In kindergarten-second grade action, Abigail Salamon took things into her own hands by scoring all of the Tsfat Orange goals in a 3-0 victory over Yerushalayim Kelly.

Tiveria Sky Blue and Chevron Yellow dueled to a 1-1 tie. Rebecca Levine scored the only Sky Blue goal while Hadas Dubrawsky got the Yellow goal.

Back in the opening weekend of play, in the boys' sixth-eighth grade age group, Yerushalayim Kelly and Tiveria Sky Blue battled to a 1-1 tie. Avi Denicoff scored the lone Kelly goal while Jonathan Galitzer got the only Sky Blue score.

Zeke Melman added an assist for the Sky Blue team.

Chevron Scarlet used a Noah Rosenfeld goal to edge the Orange team, 1-0. Eli Bookstaber added an assist.

The boys' fourth-fifth grade division saw Yerushalayim Kelly get a 3-0 victory over Tiveria Sky Blue. Jacob Mellman scored twice while Jesse Zweben added the final goal. Duvie Bergman got the game's lone goal in Chevron Scarlet's 1-0 victory over Tsfat Orange. Yitzi Feldman added an assist.

Avrohom Mond came up with a hat trick that gave B'nai Brak Yellow a 3-2 victory over Netanya Royal. Binyamin Edelstein scored both Royal goals while Sammy Mellman assisted on both.

The offenses woke up in the boys' second-third grade division. Jacob Myers scored twice while Quin Spey and Aaron Weiss both added a goal apiece to help Yerushalayim Kelly to a 4-1 win over Tiveria Sky Blue.

Yehuda Edelstein scored the lone Sky Blue goal. Daniel Edinger got the only Kelly assist while Moshe Greenspon did the same for Sky Blue.

The Tsfat Orange team had little trouble in a 10-0 victory over Chevron Scarlet. Evan Goldman led the way with four goals while Elli Feldman had three. Joshua Straus scored twice while Mikhail Hammer-Bleich got the other goal.

Binyamin Feldman and Yaakov Levine each added an assist.

Nadiv Panitch scored two goals to help Natanya Royal to a 4-1 victory over B'nai Brak Yellow. Simon Schoen had a goal and two assists, and Eli Shem Tov scored the other goal.

Tani Makovsky scored the lone Royal goal.

The Yerushalayim Kelly team had an easy time in a 9-0 victory over Tiveria Sky Blue. Matan Rosenfeld scored four goals while Coby Melkin and Cameron Harris-Gallahue each had two. Joshua Myers added one.

Tsfat Orange edged Chevron Scarlet, 4-3, in their season opener. Ruven Katz led the winners with three goals while Edan Friedman scored the other.

Mattie Swire scored twice for Scarlet, and Binyomin Feldman added one more.

The Tsfat Orange/Chevron Lime team had little trouble in scoring a 3-0 victory in a girls' sixth-eighth grade league. Ateret Sultan-Reisler led the way with two goals while Bruria Hammer-Bleich had one. Sarah Edelstin added an assist in the victory.

In the third-fifth grade division, Tzviya Melman scored four goals to help Tiveria Sky Blue to a 6-0 victory over Yerushalayim Kelly.

Sara Miriam Sukol scored the game-winner in the Tsfat Orange team's 1-0 victory over Chevron Yellow.

The first-second grade division saw Bracha Eizenstat score three goals to carry Tiveria Sky Blue to a 4-2 victory over Yerushalayim Kelly. Miriam Edelstein got the other goal.

Yael Miller scored both Kelly goals in the loss.

Abbie Salamon scored five goals, leading Tsfat Orange to a 7-1 victory over Chevron Yellow. Aliza Katz added two other goals while Rebecca Levine got the lone Chevron goal.

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