Hapoel Lacrosse and Soccer

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By Jeff Seidel
March 22, 2006

WJW Sports Correspondent

... Hapoel soccer starts on April 2. The league runs a 10-week season for 3- to 13-year-old boys and girls with divisions separated by age and gender. At season's end, Hapoel has an All-Mensch Game. It's probably a fair bet to say that not many leagues have an All-Mensch anything. Take a look during the season at their Web site, www.hapoelsoccer.com, for their weekly Mensch awards we don't have enough space to put them in this column.

... More on Hapoel. The program is doing more lacrosse this spring. Program officials are working on formulating a spring schedule. This is a sport that takes a while at least to learn and master and Hapoel people spent much of last spring doing Sunday practices before playing a few games later on. Stay tuned.

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