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Navy Lax

Postby old salt » Sun Jul 29, 2018 9:28 pm

Christian Swezey has Navy at #22 in his way ahead rankings.
Looks like a good starting point.

Looking forward to 2019 -- any returning O-middies good candidates or considering switching to ssdm
(& becoming a hero) a la #40 Plumer, Jones & Wardell ?

How's this for a returning line up ?
(based on returning experience) :
A -- Daniel, Smiley, Young
MF1 -- Torain, Wade, Spilker or Burgoyne
SSDM -- Griffin, Kopf
LSM -- Durden
D -- McKenna, Franchuk, Miller
G -- Kern

? likely impactful plebes inbound ?
? returning reserves likely to step up & break into the lineup ?
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Re: Navy 2019

Postby thatsmell » Wed Aug 01, 2018 12:32 pm

# 22?

i like it!

That's the meaty part of the curve- not showing, off, not falling behind!

Navy has been up and down lately. Really hoping Navy can take the next step and find some post-season success.
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Re: Navy Lax

Postby Dip&Dunk » Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:28 am

Coach S. Has been there long enough to get his brand of player (or as close as he is going to get given the circumstances) and system in place even including the NAPS red shirt year. Now it’s time to see if he can win both consistently and deep into the post season.

He (and the team) should be graded by:

Beating Army. (Duh)
Winning conference.
Signature out of conference wins.
NCAA Tournament (home game next year, lets get in first)

No more “rebuilding”, “well they lost <insert name>”, “took a step back”, “the trend is positive”, and my favorite, “well what do you expect with the service academy requirements being so high?”. Last time I checked Yale was pretty hard to get into too......and Duke....
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