10% Ante – Teams and Points

All 70 NCAA Men’s D1 Teams along with their Pre-Season Rating (e.g. Air Force’s Rating is 450) and the 1,000 Points that every team starts with.  For the first five weeks of the season, each team has a rank and points.  After Week Five and before Week Six, each team’s current point total becomes their

10% Ante – Pre-Season Ranking

The Ranking of the D1 Men’s Lacrosse teams that we use is a combination of Massey Ratings and KRACH/Z-Ratings.  Before showing our pre-season rankings, it’s important to recognize that the difference between the majority of the ratings is relatively subtle.  For example, this is a match-up of the Massey and KRACH/Z-Ratings: Massey KRACH/Z-Ratings 2 Maryland

2018 – FanLax Championship Finals

FORUM: Change Line-up, Comment, or Otherwise UPDATED: 2018 Rosters and Player Points • 2018 Leading Scorers • 2018 Standings FINALS: Game Predictions 2018 – FanLax Finals 16 Stegmakk vs. Matnum PI 11 Stegmakk vs. Matnum PI – Alex Trippi FR A UNC Justin Guterding A SR  Duke 9 1 Kevin Lindley FR A Loyola Colin Chell A

10% Ante – Improvements (04.27.18)

Since we last spoke, most everything about the 10% Ante ranking system is the same.  With this said, we received some good feedback and we made some improvements.  Three main issues were brought up when discussing 10% Ante and, while working on these issues, several more issues surfaced.  These are Five Issues and the changes