FF4 2018: Day Two

People of the Fatty Final Four:

1. Formality – Once, about 30 years ago, someone found me annoying. I think they had mental issues but, bottomline, by the book, someone did find me annoying. In the all but impossible case that you also find me annoying, you can click the “unsubscribe” link below. Otherwise, I fully intend to torture everyone on this e-mail list.

2. Leaders Jefferson Mott and Mike Conroy did what they do, drop in the standings, which leaves our two current leaders. One leader is Steve “Every year I’ve done the FF4 I’ve been the Lollapaloozer” Kimmel so… We know how his story is going to end. The second leader is a rookie to the FF4 and regarded by most sports pundits as an NCAA sports prodigy of sorts: Basi Bernstein. Though possibly premature, I think we may have our FF4 Winner.

3. Let the race to the bottom begin! Sophie Simmons, Gabe DiSarno (not related me), and Lis Descombes have Arizona (who lost) in their Final Four. Martin Tillier, Bill Stubbs, and Carl Grashof have Arizona in their Championship Final. Not good. And, lest we forget, Tucker Robertson has Miami (who also lost) in her Final Four.

4. Prizes Mrs. Stewart has donated $400 and Martin and Susan have donated a bottle of Makers Mark. (Thank you.) Any other prizes?

Enjoy the Games,

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