Lummys is a Digital Publishing Company that creates Branded Social Media Content and Targeted Distribution Channels.  Lummys uses social media to facilitate discussions between you and your core constituencies: consumers, customers, employees and investors. Authentic discussions that create authentic relationships in order to increase business development, brand equity and business profitability.  And, of these four core constituencies, there is no relationship more important than that between you and your customers. Your product or service is important. The productivity of your employees is important. Your investors are important.  But, the single key driver of the success or failure of your business starts and finishes with the effectiveness of the relationship between you and your customers. Every business has a relationship with their customer.  Through Digital Content, Lummys wants your business to have an authentic relationship with your customers.


Lummys was founded and is managed by Matt Bernstein.  Matt graduated from the NYU Stern School of Business with an MBA in Marketing and, immediately after business school, worked at a Sweden-based management consulting firm called BTS where he managed the Nortel, ABB, Kodak and Motorola accounts.  For the majority of his thirty year career, Matt has worked in traditional and new media. Matt worked for Ziff-Davis (PC Magazine and eWeek) as well as created and managed his own publishing venture that grossed $1.25 million in 30 days: The 94 Cup Daily, a national newspaper with a daily circulation of 250,000 dedicated to the 1994 World Cup of Soccer. In 1999, Matt shifted from traditional to new media.  Matt's digital media career includes managing the Philip Morris Corporate account for Giant Step, a Publicis digital marketing company, as well as launching and managing numerous digital start-ups including, Planet Oasis, Fundraiser, My Simple, and Pair of Shoes Marketing.