1. Your Business

We want to create branded social media content and targeted distribution channels to most effectively and efficiently build awareness of your business and brand. In order for us to do this, we need to better understand you, your business, and your brand. By our better understanding you and your needs, we are better able to develop content and a distribution strategy that will most effectively fulfill your business needs.

2. Social Content

Lummys strives to create branded social media content that your current and potential customers will engage with deeply and want to share with their friends. Creating a website and social media assets is the easy part. Heck, we'll do that for free. The hard part is creating customized social media content to populate your website and your social media assets that will effectively convey your brand and genuinely connect with your customer.

3. Distribution

We create branded social media content for your customers to enjoy, engage with, and share. But creating great social media content isn't enough. Unless your target audience knows this social media content exists, all our efforts will be for nought. Our Distribution Team locates where your target audience resides within the digital world and places your branded social media content in front of them.

4. Improve

If your target audience is wholeheartedly engaged with your brand, we have done something right. But engagement is relative. And engagement can always be improved. Engagement is an iterative process. So Lummys repeatedly analyzes and assesses our campaigns. We regularly learn from our campaigns in order to create better social media content, to create better targeted distribution channels, and to better engage with your target audience.